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Strategy & communication advisory

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Communication strategy
brand image

  • Strategies for corporate communication, public affairs & brand positioning
  • Brand image building, development & protection
  • Press relations strategy
  • Strategy for building relations with politicians & regulatory authorities
  • Digital strategies
  • Company influence testing : mapping, audience watch, media coverage analysis
  • Change management support /internal communication, employee engagement and/or commitment
  • Reputation, perception and benchmark studies

investor relations
financial communication

  • Advice for IR communication strategy and maximising value of regulatory publications
  • Support for communication on financial operations
  • Preparation of financial messages & guidance positioning
  • Drafting of IR support materials (Notices, Press releases, presentations, annual reports, websites etc…)
  • Perception studies – Analysts, Institutional investors, retail shareholders
  • Peer group & market watch
  • Regulatory watch/Governance
  • Investor, analyst, retail & employee shareholder targeting & management
  • Roadshows, analyst & investor meetings, AGMs, etc
  • IPO
  • Secondary listing watch & services

Crisis, restructuring
special situations

  • Crisis communication & special situation planning & execution
  • Restructuring communication (turnaround, restructuration, debt rescheduling, liquidation…)
  • Reputation/Image crisis communication (financial, media) and internal (human resource crises, strikes, trade union relations…)
  • Crisis communication awareness, training, etc